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About Us

Our Values

Do honest,

quality work 

Take care to ensure

each project is

beautifully done

Use precision

No mansplaining,

no pushing, no judgement

The Logic Renovations & Contracting Team


Vern Fineberg


Vern listens more than he speaks. That’s what you want as you’re spending your money on a renovation project. It’s also this attribute that helps start your renovation off right. Vern has decades worth of experience keeping customers happy, keeping jobs on the rails and delivering spaces customers always really wanted. He’ll go shopping with you to look at fixtures and finishes. He really will. Oh, and, his tile and finishing work? PHENOMENAL.



With 10+ years of plumbing experience, Matt is the get ‘er done guy. He knows how to make the water flow to where it is supposed to and not end up where it shouldn’t. In fact, Matt has found and rectified many ‘leaky situations’ during renovations that have saved homeowners bundles of cash.




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