Bathroom renovation for special needs child

Recently Vernon owner of Logic Renovations and contracting received a call from a family with a special needs child. They were in desperate need of his help with a bathroom renovation gone wrong. The family had a previous renovation done by a different contractor and needed someone to fix the room so it was functional for their special needs child and her health care team. Vern went in and discovered that there were many issues with not only the functionality of the bathroom for this family but he discovered several errors made that would result in a complete bathroom overhaul.

What did Vern find?

Upon initial inspection Vern found several areas in need of repair:

- The shower area was not keeping the water contained and it was leaking onto the remaining bathroom floor.

- The Glass door was not installed properly, it was far to low and he had to bend down just to get in and out, additionally the doors swayed.

- The flooring was created in an elevated way with several dips and bends that made it difficult for the family to move the commode.

- Tile work was done sloppily

- Water taps were placed in a way that was very inconvenient and would result in a huge water mess with every use.

- The toilet was to close to the shower doors

- Sink and counter top were off poor quality and the plumbing stuck out to far to be able to get the commode or wheel chair in from of it.

Cake Layer Floor:

There are Several layers of flooring that exist and need to be ripped out in order to make he floor level with the remainder of the home. So many layers we have decided to call this the cake layer floor.

Check out the entire video of Vern's walk thru.

Here’s how Logic will fix it:

  1. Gut entire bathroom - rip everything out

  2. level the floor

  3. adjust plumbing

  4. Make accessible

  5. rebuild, rebuild rebuild.

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